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Plant Health Care

Our landscapes are huge investments that need proper care to perform at their best. We understand the care they need to help them thrive now and for years to come. Let our plant health care specialist formulate a plan for you today. 

Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care (PHC) is a comprehensive way of evaluating, treating, and maintaining tree and ornamental plant populations by mitigating pests and maximizing vigor. 

Our Certified Arborist and Certified Professional Turfgrass Manager specializes in PHC and is dedicated to finding the best ways to protect your investment in your landscape. 

We evaluate each landscape on an individual basis by understanding the species and their environment. From there we can formulate a plan and recommend specialized treatments to maximize the health and vigor of your landscape. 

Our services can be customized for any landscape, some of our services we offer include:

  • New Tree, Plant, Turfgrass Establishment

  • Insect & Disease Control Applications

  • Stress Reduction and Prevention Treatments 

  • Bio-Stimulants and Therapeutic Applications

  • Plant Growth Regulators

  • General Fertility Applications

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Tree Risk Assessment

The tree fell to the ground due to the strong wind. A natural phenomenon. Old dry tree. Af

As the largest objects in our landscapes, trees often pose the greatest risk to their surroundings. 

As an ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborist we are qualified to assess the risk of trees. These assessments include thorough examinations of the tree and its environment to provide the tree's owner or manager the best possible information to make an informed decision about risk. 

We also make recommendations on how to properly reduce risk to avoid potential injury or damage.

Oak Wilt Mitigation & Consulting

Oak wilt is a devastating disease moving through Texas tree populations at a record pace. 

Proper planning and understanding the characteristics of the pathogen are paramount for the survivability of oak trees. We offer advice to landowners on proper prevention techniques as well as offer our services to prevent or mitigate the disease

We evaluate oak wilt on a case by case basis. Every situation is unique. Our Oak Wilt Qualified Arborist factors in site conditions, tree population, disease pressure, among other factors to formulate a plan for prevention & mitigation.

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