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Agronomic Consulting

Getting the most out of your landscape means getting the most out of your soil. Managing soils in Texas can be difficult to say the least. Our consulting agronomist has spent years practicing and honing his craft to understand how to get the most out of our soils. Contact us to find out how we can help you. 


Soil, Foliar Tissue, and Water Testing

Our agronomic consultant is trained in collecting and analyzing soil, tissue, and water tests.

As an Amplify consultant, we have access to Brookside laboratories, one of the top testing facilities in the world.

We understand that different soil types, and situations call for different types of tests. We are able to help choose the best test for you and proper interpretations of the results.

Soil, Foliar Tissue and Water Testing
Fertilization and the role of nutrients

Proper plant nutrition takes a thorough understanding of soil chemistry and the complex ecosystems that exist in the soil environment. 

We have the knowledge to provide expert recommendations to get the most out of your soil. 

You know that your recommendations are coming from a professional consulting agronomist that works with Texas soils on a daily basis. 

Fertility & Nutrition Recommendations

Fertility & Nutrition Recommendations

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Site Evaluations

Plant health and the success of any project goes beyond basic plant nutrition. 

We perform full site evaluations taking into account, plant species, Site topography, soil compaction levels, moisture levels, drainage issues, light intensity, air flow, disease and insect pressures, just to name a few. 

Our site evaluations will identify your keys to success and potential risks. 

Site Evaluations
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The success of every landscape starts with proper cultural practices. 

Mowing, irrigation, and aerification practices are the keystone of beautiful landscapes. 

With over a decade of experience in landscape maintenance, we are able to properly evaluate current practices and advise on how to get the most out of your plant material. 

Cultural Practice Evaluation

Cultural Practice Evaluation

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Tracking data over time gives us great insight into the efficacy of our strategies and can provide a road map to move forward. 


Our professional consultant can offer reporting and data management services to track progress and results year over year. 


Reports and data can be organized and submitted to general managers, developers, boards of directors, or others with a vested interest in project success. 

Data Management & Reporting

Data Management & Reporting