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Solutions for
Sustainability & Improved Quality

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About Lone Star Tree & Turfgrass

Lone Star Tree & Turfgrass Consulting is an independent agronomic and plant health care consulting firm.

Our passion is helping managers and stakeholders get the most out of their turfgrass, trees, and ornamental plants. We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. With over a decade in the green-industry, we bring the knowledge needed to make every project a success. 

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Our Mission

Provide the best agronomic and horticulture consulting services available in the state of Texas. 

As an independent consultant, we aim to empower our clients to enhance quality, improve sustainability, and reduce inputs using an approach rooted in science and data.

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Our Philosophy

We know a plant's health is dependent on its environment.


We firmly believe in a science and data based approach that helps to increase quality and playability, and reduce inputs, and environmental impacts by correcting systemic, underlying issues of plant health. 

Who We Serve

- Golf Courses

- Athletic Complexes

- Municipalities

- School Districts

- Development Managers

- Landscape Managers & Architects

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