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About Lone Star Tree & Turfgrass

Lone Star Tree & Turfgrass Consulting is an independent agronomic and tree/plant health care consulting firm.

Our passion is helping Texans get the most out of their soils to grow healthy turfgrass, trees, and ornamental plants. We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. With over a decade in the green-industry, we bring the knowledge needed to make every project a success. 

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Our Mission

Provide the best agronomic and horticulture consulting, and plant health care services available in the state of Texas. 

As an independent consultant, we earn our clients' trust by providing expert advice based on science, not based on products we are trying to sell.

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Our Philosophy

A plant’s health is directly dependent on its environment. We start with a soil up approach to promote soil health through balancing the physical, chemical, and biological components of soils.


We aim to correct systemic underlying issues of plant health, we don’t just treat the symptoms. 

What We Offer

We strive to provide a wide array of services to benefit our clients in a multitude of ways. Below are just a few ways that we are able to help our clients every day:

  • Preserve and improve plant and soil health

  • Build soil health in order to reduce inputs over time, thus reducing costs

  • Reduce environmental impact from over-application of potentially harmful chemicals

  • Reduce development costs

  • Plan for future development

  • Manage potential risks