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Tree Consulting

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As the largest objects in our landscapes, trees often pose the greatest risk to their surroundings. 

We are qualified in risk assessment. These assessments include thorough examinations of the tree and its environment to provide the tree's owner or manager the best possible information to make an informed decision about risk. 

We make recommendations on how to properly reduce risk to avoid potential injury or damage.

Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Risk Assessment

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We are able to perform pre-purchase and routine tree health inspections to ensure that trees stand the best chance of survival.


Our arborist will stick with you during the duration of your project. We ensure that trees are not overly stressed and make sure tree protection standards are being met throughout the project. 


This ensures poor conditions can be remedied quickly to avoid long-term damage to the trees.  

Tree Health Inspections

Tree Health Inspections

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Trees play an integral part in property valuation. People often buy lots just for the trees. 

Unfortunately tree health isn't always obvious and apparent on routine visual inspections to untrained eyes. 

We complete thorough inspections of tree populations to give you an understanding of tree health, potential future problems, and how to get the most out of your trees for years to come. 

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections