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Oak Wilt Services


Oak wilt is a devastating disease moving through Texas tree populations at a record pace. 

Proper planning and understanding the characteristics of the pathogen are paramount for the survivability of oak trees. We offer advice to landowners on proper prevention techniques as well as offer our services to prevent or mitigate the disease

We evaluate oak wilt on a case by case basis. Every situation is unique. Our Oak Wilt Qualified Arborist factors in site conditions, tree population, disease pressure, among other factors to formulate a plan for prevention & mitigation.

Oak Wilt Consultation

Oak Wilt Consultation


We offer both therapeutic and preventative injections that act against the oak wilt pathogen (Bretziella fagacearum).

The fungicide, Propiconazole, has proven to be a useful tool against this pathogen, but has proven more effective as a preventative treatment as opposed to a therapeutic. Early detection is key. 

If Oak wilt is a concern for you, contact our Oak Wilt Qualified Arborist for a consultation today.

Tree Injections

Tree Injections



As a root born pathogen, oak wilt can move through the vast network of shared root systems at an average of 75' per year. 

Trenching to sever those root systems can be an effective tool in the management of Oak Wilt. 

We evaluate all tools available to us and develop the best plan of action for you and your trees.